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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. pressure cooker. millions trapped inside what forecasters call a giant heat dome surrounded by a ring of fire. temperatures feel like 4 degrees inside. soupy fog envelopes chicago facing its hottest day in six years. presidential headache. her own family wondering if high heels can be causing michele bachmann's agonizing migraines and she responds to new questions about her health. is this really casey anthony running from a private plane or a decoy. people have seen her from tennessee to michigan. we'll tell her the latest on where she fled to start over.
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the starlet who walked out of our interview. >> do you ever worry about your moment moments -- want to wrap up? >> why did paris hilton abruptll leave? was it that question that ticked her off? good morning, everyone. on this wednesday morning, george is off today and enjoying a little vaca with his family. glad to have david muir back with us. >> my 15 minutes aren't up. >> for some 200 million americans it's another day of record-breaking heat. 31 states under some kind of heat warning including all the major east coast cities and sam is going to be here to weigh in on that. >> feels like 134 degrees.
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hot across the pond from humble pie to custard pie, the latest into the high stakes drama for rupert murdoch and we'll have more -- you saw it right there. his wife stepping down to defend him as she takes down a protester. >> stepped in. she lulued. she didn't hesitate. we begin with the dangerous heat that will not go away now moving to the east coast. matt gutman live in chicago where that city is right in the thick of the worst temperatures so far. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin and that heat that has pummeled the midwest heading your way, it's not so much the heat but the humidity. chicago's bracing for 110 heat index today. in minnesota yesterday it was 134. now, the only other place in the world where that type of heat index is common is the red sea off of saudi arabia. a deadly heat wave that since friday has set 221 records won't release its grip. here in chicago, that heat
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stirring up a soupy fog that smothered the city. today projected to hit its hottest temperatures here in six years. in iowa, police tering heat buckled i-380 and left workers in kansas panting. >> too hot for me. >> i can't stand it. i just can't stand it. >> reporter: extreme heat expanding metal and concrete caused eight water main breaks in oklahoma city leaving residents desperate for water with barely a trickle. "good morning america" surveyed the surface temperatures at a summer camp playground. the grass here at this baseball diamond, 155 degrees. and what do kids use more than the swings? 131 degrees. and abc's barbara pinto shows how dangerous the one-two punch of heat and humidity can be. in heat like this your body can lose up to a quart of water every hour. that's two of these bottles. what does that look like.
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we'll pore one of them over this sponge and leave it out. after an hour in the sun let's see what's left. just barely a quarter. >> reporter: counselors say when it hits 100 degrees -- >> let's go in. it's too hot out here. >> reporter: get this, robin, when your core body temperatures rises about a degree and a half, your heart beats 30 beats faster. that puts a stress on your cardiac system. now, in addition to that, folks here and in the 31 states under heat advisories today have more bad news facing them. this heat is going to linger here at least through the weekend, robin. >> u uortunately so, matt. the heat dome and area of high pressure that millions are sweating under and sam, you've been tracking it for us. >> now 32 states under that. we think it will be 40 before the end of the day. large ridge of high pressure that sits in the middle of the
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country. when we say heat dome, it continues to pump up the moisture and heat and leaves it in place blocked by the jet stream. only place you'll get cool something right along the edge of the jet stream, potentially some places in the south. remember, how wet this part of the country was from a wet winter, wet spring, all that moisture in that flooding zone is being released in the air. that's why you have that incredible high humidity level to go with the heat and here's what's new about this today. that kind of heat and humidity spreads into the mid-atlantic and northeast by the time we head into the weekend. we'll go over everybody's weather in a moment. >> keep going for days. now to the heat in london. the hot seat there. the british prime minister the latest figure caught up in the huge phone hacking scandal engulfing rupert murdoch's massive media empire. after his dramatic appearancee yesterday the big question is can he hold on to his company? abc's jeffrey kofman is in london this morning. good morning.
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>> reporter: a frail rupert murdoch and his defiant son tried to save the family empire but a report released this morning accuses their company of deliberately trying to block an investigation. not good news for rupert murdoch or the prime minister here. the murdochs and their empire are not out of trouble yet. far from it. the report released this morning finds their company deliberately tried to thwart a police investigation into the "news of the world" widespread phone hacking and police bribery. this morning it is the prime minister's turn in the hot seat. at this moment he is the focus of an emergency session of parliament. trying to contain the scandal that has led to calls for his resignation. >> people desperately want us to put a stop to the illegal practices to ensure the independence and effectiveness of the police and to establish a more healthy relationship between politicians and media owners. >> reporter: this follows a carefully rehearsed effort from the murdoch dynasty to rescue their family company. interrupted by --
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>> oh. >> reporter: watch again a little slow. a man with a shaving cream pie aimed at rupert murdoch muttering "you glereedy billion mare." that's his third wife knocking the pie from the assailant's hand. the pieman who call himself johnny marbles is a completen. th >> i would like to say, as well, how sorry i am. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> father and son insisted repeatedly they had no idea things were out of control. now, james murdoch did most of the talking during that session. his father who is 80 seems at times to be drifting but there was no gotcha moment. wall street, the company they control, news corporation was up
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5.5% by the time they finished talking. david? >> all right, what a spectacle there yesterday, jeffrey kofman in london, thanks so much. who said the third wife wasn't the charm? >> i'm telling u. we showed you rupert murdoch's wife and her lightning-fast reflexes for protecting her husband. who is wendi deng? bianna golodryga is here with a closer look at the woman -- every time i see that, just so quick. >> wouldn't you know my husband asked the first about hearing this, would you do the same, of course, i would, peter. in the blink of an eye she went from sitting pretty in pink to full attack mode. one fell swoop or in this case slap. it's not just the media tycoon making headlines. this morning everybody is buzzing about his tiger wife. she's a statuesque socialite wife of a media mogul. now better known as wendi with the great right hook. >> wendi. >> 38 years her husband's junior and a red carpet regular she counts many of the rich and famous as friends.
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>> i grew up in china. >> reporter: born in china wendi came to the u.s. at 18. her visa sponsored by an american family. she then became romantically involved with a husband she later married but that lasted less than three years. >> the husband was much more in love with wendi than wendi was with the husband. >> reporter: the love affair with murdoch began under a cloud of suspicion as well, they married only 17 days after his divorce became final after his second wife of 31 years but wendi is far from a trophy wife and graduated from yale with an mba. >> she's interested in his business. he says she's flattered. >> reporter: together they have two young daughters and discussed them with tiger mom herself with "newsweek" and "the daily beast." >> why tree the best of chinese and the best of american methods to teach them. >> reporter: she carved out some time for personal projects.
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just this weekend in the midst of the hacking scandal, she was hobnobbing in the hamptons at a screening of a film she produced. deng's two daughters ages 10 and 8 are more than 40 years younger than his eldest child from his first marriage. murdoch lori bergamotto hadad three more children with the second wife and the divorce cost him $1.7 billion, the most expensive divorce on record and less than a month later he married wendi. >> i'm sure a lot of husbands were asking their wives would you do the same for me. >> instinct. >> i believe bianna would, yeah. i'm going to stay clear of that. to the new poll numbers showing the growing anger. americans fed up with how washington is handling the economy and the showdown over raising that debt ceiling. here's the clock this morning with americans' national credit line on the line everything from interest rates to your 401(k) hanging in the balance. less than two weeks now until that deadline. want to bring in jake tapper this morning. jake, good to see you. i know you saw this number.
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80% of americans say they're dissatisfiy eied with the government. are lawmakers hearing this? >> reporter: i think they are, david. that number has not been so high since 1992 and, of course, that year president george h.w. bush was not re-elected after that number. it shot up 11 points in just the last month. one big difference, though, from now as opposed to '92 or even 2010 when the public was discontent. in this instance the public seems to be holding the opposition party, the republicans more responsible than the president's party, the democrats. >> you make that point, jake. bad numbers for president obama but the republicans don't fare well either in this poll. >> horrible numbers for president obama but abysmal for the republicans. president obama own lip has 40% approval when it comes to his handling of the economy, the lowest number yet, but republicans, their approval number is 28% and when the
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public is asked is so and so compromising enough when it comes to this deficit deal, a clear majority, 58% said he is not but 77% say that about the republicans. >> the question is, is there a deal coming because time is running out. the president walked into the briefing room. i know you were standing there. no one knew did we have a deal, do we not have a deal? his reaction. >> it's down to the business of solving this problem and i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus around -- around what that would take. >> the stock market liking it. any chance this deal can be hammered out? >> reporter: probably not that specific deal but this gang of six, the six senators and the number is growing, their bipartisan framework, the president believe, gives him momentum because it's roughly the same thing he's been pitching about 4trillion deficit
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reduction, not just spending cuts but also tax increases so the president believes this gives a little momentum to his argument as opposed to the republican argument of no new taxes at all. >> congress leaders could be called back as early as today and know you'll be on that. thanks so much. robin, over to you. we'll stay with politics. michele bachmann continues to rise in the battle for the republican nomination for president. a new poll shows her now running close second to mitt romney. but now a new study is raising questions about her health. former aides say the congresswoman is prone to debilitating migraines. abc news spoke to a source close to bachmann to confirms these headaches have landed her in the hospital and monday she responded. >> i predescribe sign medication that i take on occasion whenever symptom as rise and they keep my migraines under control but i'd like to be abundantly clear. my ability to function
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effectively will not affect -- will not affect my ability to serve as commander in cleave. >> our dr. richard besser is here with more on how bad they can get. this is something that millions of americans suffer. >> this is very common. 30 million americans suffer from migraines. much more common in women. three times as common as in men. roughly 17% of women will have a migraine sometime in their life and it's more common durings middle part of life. >> and the symptoms, i mean, how are they different than just regular headaches. >> migraines are extremely complex. when you're having the headache, the most common signature is pulsating pain and sensitivity to light and sound. very common. nausea, numbness. this can last to four hours up to three days. even before have you that head pain, did you have what's called
7:15 am
a time when your mood changes or visual disturbances or a period of time afterwards you're lethargic. >> there was a staffer in michele bachmann's office and her own son who is a medical resident that she has talked about the correlation between when she wears high heels and these migraines. is that possible? >> i mean i think it's very interesting. i've been talking on the phone this morning with some of the leading headache experts in the country. one connection they could come up with, if she's wearing certain shoes on stressful days when she's got something very important that could be a connection because there's a clear link between stress. one thing you want to look for is what are the triggers to try to prevent it. >> how debilitating they can be and also can be treated. >> that's right. half the people who get them are debilitated and need to be on bed rest, quiet dark room. some do well with preventive
7:16 am
treatment or treatment. >> i know you'll be back later this morning but let's turn to josh elliott for the other stories developing right now. good morning, josh. >> good morning, robin. we begin with a search that is going to resume at first light in yosemite national park. that's where witnesses report seeing three hikers being swept over a waterfall tuesday. the vernal falls are 317-foot drop. darkness forced park officials to suspend that search late yesterday. meanwhile, the fbi arrested more than a dozen people part of a secret hacking group that attacked paypal. paypal was targeted after it grows the accounts of wikileaks that leaks classified government documents and claim have to disrupted master and visa card. apple says its quarterly profits soared by 125%. thanks largely to the iphone and
7:17 am
ipad sales. remarkably the ipad now counts for an estimated 11% and that news could keep wall street's rally going. it enjoyed the best day of its year tuesday soaring some 200 points. astronaut as board space shuttle "atlantis" are spending their final full day in orbit. they're landing tomorrow will bring to a close the shuttle program. early i got to talk to them via satellite and even on the shuttle's final day in space, its messengers were focused often the future. >> space shuttle has been with us for about 30 years and it's a little sad to see it go away but hopefully in the not too distant future you'll see a heavy lift vehicle manufactured by our commercial partners and we'll go back to the moon, go back to mars so the future is bright but right now it's somber. >> after three decades.
7:18 am
no less weather does look good for their return home before 6:00 a.m. eastern. a follow-up on a story that got a lot of attention yesterday. philadelphia would begin giving ticks to pedestrians for texting and thus causing a safety risk. well, the deputy mayor says it was all a misunderstanding, only drivers and bike righters will be ticketed because of a safety crackdown. speaking of tickets, pay the fine quickly unlike what the white house did. the president neglected to pay a toll for his motorcade basically when it entered central london in may and police slapped the white house with a $200 fine. you never know. interest compounng daily. >> the ticket on the motorcade. that's a lot of guts. >> all right, josh, thanks. back over to sam. sam? >> good morning, everybody. our heat compound daily. one area, new york city gets a
7:19 am
little break but these are the 32 states that have warnings, advisories out for heat, as high as 40 states because this entire syrian side will jump on board as the heat starts to swing east. this is the heat index thumb, just areas of magenta, look how much of the country is above 110 with heat index levels. just try to stay cool today.
7:20 am
hazy sunshine to start our will bey morning and it hot and muggy day today. the heat intensified tomorrow so are 77 degrees right now at airports. set 92 degrees in winchester right now. midnight the's today but it will about 105 degrees and a lot of sunshine. the real heat is mere record- brea >> the southeast and northern plains could get cooling thunderstorms this afternoon. robin and david? >> okay there, sam, thank you. coming up who has seen casey anthony? the video that touched off so much speculation about where she really is. dan abrams, nancy grace back with their take on what she's doing now. the sister act but why they're falling out with their
7:21 am
mother over the songs they're singing. paris hilton. what could dan harris have possibly said to make her get up and leave the interview? >> you'll find out. >> don't mess with dan harris. we all want our kids to eat their vegetables,
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning @ 7:26 on a wednesday, july 20. it has been a very busy morning.
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get straight to oscar wilson with more on the commute. /grantis in the wheaton have amont area where we betweenin break arcola. road and you can divert onto 29 or no hampshire avenue but you want to that general area. over to arlington and glebe road is closed in both directions with an accident involving a police car. police will be on the scene for the rest of this morning. let's take you now to the beltway or we have the elderly between 95 and park and georgia avenue. to the forecast. areme cloud cover and fog
7:28 am
out right now. 74 degrees currently. 70'se in the low to mid per much everywhere. will be warm and muggy again today. -- hot and muggy -- very hot and muggy come tomorrow. and isolated storm west of the area possible later today. 100 degrees thursday, friday, and saturday. it will become dangerously hot days.xt few >> you rarely say that. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
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twitter was abuzz when this happened yesterday, this video from the orlando airport, a woman with her face covered rushing off the tarmac as you see. people were speculating, is that casey anthony returning to florida after just days when she walked out of jail. we'll get into that with dan and nancy in a little bit as we say good morning to america on this hump day. good to have david muir with us. >> hope george is enjoying time off. also, the 12-year-olds that were the face of white supremacy as the single group but now that they're 19 why they're changing their tune now and it's causing a little bit of friction with their mom. >> ooh, just a wee bit. also ahead our dramatic
7:31 am
interview with paris hilton. dan harris is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. he asks paris a question and -- >> there was heifer reaction. >> she calmly walled off so what could he possibly have asked her? we'll find out later. >> thanks. we'll get right to casey anthony this morning and where she is really hiding. people claimed to have seen her so many places. thought to be back in florida after a woman was seen running from this plane at the orlando airport but her attorney says it is not her so abc's andrea canning joinss us now with is i casey, is it not casey? >> we don't know. jose baez her attorney says it was all a hoax cooked up by casey's former attorney who had no comment on the allegation or the motivation behind it. there is so much speculation about casey's whereabouts from a tennessee walmart to a restaurant in troy michigan, but so far there are no confirmed sightings. it was the apparent hoax that set casey watchers on the edge
7:32 am
of their seats. a woman dressed in the same outfit casey was last seen in running from the same private plane she's believed to have fled in owned by her former attorney. an orlando reporter caught up with him inside the airport moments after the alleged casey ran from the plane. >> where is casey today? >> reporter: casey's lead attorney jose baez says it was all a fake "that is not her. i will not say anything further as to her whereabouts." this is the last time we saw casey, but when that suv took off sunday her trail went cold and a frenzy of speculation began with reports she's in california, a florida can dough or even on geraldo rivera's yacht. >> it seems to definitely point in that direction that she was on the plane. >> reporter: following the
7:33 am
plane's flight records it reveals it landed percent in panama city, then prescott, arizona and finally to san diego. the plane continues to draw attention wherever it lands turning up again in batten huge rouge, louisiana. she's being hunted online. casey sightings are uponing up all across the country f any of these are untrue, the question remains where in the world is casey anthony? and a lot of people not happy with this apparent hoax weighing in online. what a crock, what a waste of money if this was a hoax, wrote one. why waste time doing something so stupid what another person wrote. >> nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln and "gma"
7:34 am
legal analyst dan abrams. great to have you with us. jose baez saying that this is all a hoax, you heard. what do you make of this? >> well, at first he said he knew nothing of it. in light of the fact that they don't have time to let tot mom casey anthony's parents know where she is, he did make time to contact reporters and say, this is just a big prank that mcaloos is playing. it's jose baez playing the prank, as well because one of his lawyers in the baez firm, william slabal is one of the cars that took off off the panhandle sighting. while she could be spending time thinking about her daughter, the lawyers say the grieving has just begun this. doesn't sound like grieving to me but a prank played at the
7:35 am
expense of her parents, family, friends and family. >> is it a diverse, why would her legal team go to such lengths? >> look, her legal team is allowed to try to keep the media away from her but if this is a, quote, prank, having fun at the expense of the media. that's like taunting animals at the zoo. that's just asking for more trouble. they're not helping her case. all they're doing then is just increasing the amount of coverage. we do another segment on it. others do other segments of it. there becomes more interest with where she is and it's more likely -- >> more money, dan. more known. >> yeah. >> more money, dan, because the more they ratchet up the people's interest in this, the higher the price tag for her first interview. >> the producer claims he met with casey anthony in palm springs to discuss a million
7:36 am
dollar television deal. a million dollars? >> a million dollars, i believe his name is al taylor and he claims that he can't confirm or deny he's playing cat and mouth in palm springs near one of the planes that mcalooso offered. in fact, they are happening. what did you think, she would turn into mother teresa and do some good? >> you will these people will claim to be having conversations with casey or we're ready to offer they are that. there are people that simply want to get attention by claiming they're offering casey anthony this or that we got to be careful. i agree, she's going to get something, but it's going to be from some fringe group that doesn't care what the public tris about them. and i think we got to be very
7:37 am
careful in the meantime, in getting people attention that want to link themselves in the story. >> thanks for bringing us up to speed. time now for the weather and sam. hey, sam. >> good morning david, we'll start looking toward the nortrtest for some cooling relief in some areas. only coming from northern states and gets into the middle of the country ever so slightly. a cold system try toast break this. minneapolis, successful. des moines and places like indianapolis will go back and forth a little bit as this cold air does not settle in the middle of the country. barely tips in and stays back out. e heat wave guess on for all aces and today is a very another hot and humid day amid 90's for high temperatures feel like 105.
7:38 am
the real he comes and thursday- all that have weather was brought to you by at&t. >> see you soon. coming up, the teenager who sang about bright supremacy are 19 years old singing a different tune and their mother is outraged this morning. we want to know what you think about this debate on the back side here. the network -- a living, breathing intelligence that's helping people rethink how they live. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, manynyn small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. ♪ we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's a network of connections and ideas... open and collaborative... extending far beyond the mobile phone.
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abc first brought you a few years ago, the young neo-nazi twins that sang about white supremacy. when juju chang checked back with them she found they're singing a different tune. juju, always great to see you. >> you too. i like to think of them as recovering racists for lack of a better term and while they're still not convinced about all aspects of the holocaust these former aryan nation poster girls have seen the light. mul multicultural edition extreme makeover. ♪ >> reporter: who could forget these young blond-haired, blue-e blue-eyed twins. the young budding pop stars released their second album but these adorable twins aren't singing songs of love but hate. snoe♪ a mighty race to defend
7:43 am
>> but at age 19 the young duo formerly known asprush and blue have changed their neo-nazi views. >> i was a little kid back then and said a lot of things die don't believe in now. they say attending public school opened their eyes and given them new perspectives on lives. >> my sister and i were home-scaled. we were these country bumpkins. it makes me proud of humidity every day. >> lynx -- >> we want to preserve our race. >> they agree with medical marijuana now. lynx quoted marijuana saved my life. i probably would be dead if i didn't have it. frank meanic joined the movement
7:44 am
when he was 13 and the girls like so many were taught how to hate. >> the twins were grabbed when they were so young and a mother teaching you is everything. that's where you learn all of your morals. all of your humidity if you have any. >> reporter: for the two, grooming into commit supremacy began ott birth nurtured by their mother april gaede. >> they would be singing christian rock songs but we're white nastists so, that's, of course, a part of our life and i share that my part of-with them. >> reporter: today april believes they're falling into peer pressure. they're saying what everyone wants to hear so they won't be harassed anymore. let's face it, they want to be popular. the girls, however, say this is who they are and the time,
7:45 am
answand experience have made them bert "we just want to come from light and love. we just want to exert the most love and positivity we can." they say lynx likes to paint and restore furniture. her sister works as a hotel maid not far away. there are dangerous people who would do awful things who who they say ruined the effort. >> great to see you. coming up, is this the world's most realistic rip-off? we'll take you inside the ultimate fakeout and see if you can tell the difference. come on back.
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7:50 am
josh. >> "around the watercooler." >> not vertigo but something of a dizzying story. >> we told you about apple's earnings, 125% up this year. one reason not why is -- well, there's the store as it appears when it actually exists. that, of course, the signature look of the apple store but let's go to china, southwestern china, kunming where the apple store exists. only it's not an actual apple store. >> that's the first giveaway when it said apple store. >> because it doesn't say apple store. different colored shirts. here's the thing this, was stumbled upon by tourists who thought they were walking into an apple store at first. those employees actually think they're working for apple. >> oh, they do?
7:51 am
>> there are four apple stores in china, in fact, their four highest grossing stores worldwide, again, not -- >> are the products really -- >> they're not sure about that, if they discuss the gray market. if these are knockoff, counterfeits although if you're billing yourself as an apple store and not an apple store i'm going to guess maybe the products aren't exactly -- >> i'm going to guess the store is probably going to close in an hour from now. (announcer) chug that coffee, bolt that burrito. no matter what life throws at you, you can take the heat. until it turns into... heartburn. good thing you've got what it takes to beat that heat, too. zantac. it's strong, just one pill can knock out the burn. it's fast,
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7:56 am
coming up, martin sheen speaks out about how drugs are destroying his family and the fight for his son. speaks out ab destroying his family and the fight for his son. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 on this wednesday, july 20. i am pamela brown with your news update. have had some trouble spots road this month to let's update from oscar wilson. we have some good news -- is in wheaton/glenmont of georgia avenue is still shut down due to the broken water main. you can get by north and and you
7:57 am
divert on to new hampshire evidence. both news on glebe road, directions have been reopened the earlier accident car from lastlice night. let's take you to be our lives the beltway where it is slowing between 95/college park. hazy sunshine outside. that washington lee high school. you can see a few little patchy clouds here and there. humid and not a surprise, 77 degrees in the district right now. we are on our way to the mid 90 possibly cannot rule out an isolated storm and the best far west of the area and only about 30% of viewing area will see that later. the real headline is the heat, up -- at an above 100 by the end
7:58 am
of the week. the airport authority board to considerday to build andecision underground metro station at airport. is one part of a media could chop $1 million of the project. we will be back with another update at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm your biggest fan lady gaga for you on a wednesday morning. our beautiful crowd outside. we'll be out there to join them in just a moment. paris hilton usually embraces the spotlight and she sat down for a candid conversation about her stalker, what's really going on behind her reality show. so what did dan ask her that made her politely walk out of our interview and did she come back?
8:01 am
we'll find out in just a little bit as we say good morning america. >> tweet us and ask the question he asks. >> you want to get more followers. that's what you're trying to do. >> also coming up this half -- have you seen dr. b at the gym before? >> yes, i have. >> at the real gym? >> that's what we look like. actually, a very important story about how to make your workout look -- >> what is he doing there? >> he might like want to -- >> pulling a paris hilton out -- >> let's get out of this. >>'s runs with sherri shepherd and helps out.s runs with sherr and helps out. runs with sherrid helps out. >> sam loves that. >> sam is like are you going to save him? >> save us, lara. >> also coming up, we will hear from martin sheen, father of charlie sheen and what he said about drug addiction and how it helped pull his family apart.
8:02 am
>> but let's get the top news stories with our top gun, josh elliott. >> a very serious story, the heat. today expected to be the hottest and most dangerous day yet in that area from the midwest to the northeast. felt like 134 degrees in parts of minnesota where a record was set for high humidity, as well. sam has the full forecast in a moment. the debt crisis has americans losing faith in their government. a new poll shows 80%. the house passed a debt reduction bill but has no chance of passing the senate. the latest hope, a bipartisan plan that would trim deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade. the health area may clear the way for women to get free birth control including the morning after pills and it could require all insurance plans to offer free contraceptives, hiv
8:03 am
testses and other preventive tests at no cost. those who refuse to play shouldn't be forced to. the army man accused of shooting down 13 forces arraignment today. major nadal hasan's first appearance. the phone hacking and bribery scandal threatening rupert murdoch's media empire has spread to the top, to the brm himself. david cameron is on the hot seat in an emergency session of parliament. lawmakers want to know his ties to the media especially his "news of the world" tabloid. the u.s. about to launch an investigation into whether "news of the world" officials engaged in a conspiracy to bribe police. meanwhile, take a look. koit a scene in los angeles.
8:04 am
a stolen car slams into a high sdrants sending water gushing 100 feet in the air and crews struggled to shut the water off. if you think they were having a bad day, take a look at this. a car in montreal -- >> whoa. >> downpours forced this rush of water it lifted the car off again and again. no word on who will pay for the damage. two-thirds wouldn't mind that happening to them with the heat. >> nobody was in the car, car, not so much. all right, josh, david, just the other day it has been so cold without lara's pop news heat index. >> my first one. >> let's get right to it and talk about everything happening in the world of buzzy pop news. we start with what is shaping up to be the prom of a lifetime. mila kunis and justin timberlake
8:05 am
confirmed thth will go to the marine corps ball with two brave marines that asked them. one of their co-star not so lucky. "friends with benefits" and shaun boarder says he wants to go. he's quote to be asked. is it a fu manchu? we're not sure. hopefully that will change. world cup soccer, women, it's over. now we want to you focus on world cup talk raw. check out this video making the rounds on the internet coming out of southeast asia. and sane sport, a bit of a matchup if you will. soccer, volleyball, throw a -- of hacky sack, the world, and this starts tomorrow. very, very cool. all right. how outrageous is thisment the
8:06 am
i name harper and "to kill a mockingbird" has gone up. the inspired way to get wawaington state residents to clean up after their dogs. a new psa starring martin luther singing dog doogedy ♪ i like the way you walk it don't do it ♪ >> i love the dancece with the plastic baggies. not easy to make that work but do it. if it sounds familiar the hit was by r&b group. that's what's happening. ♪ dog doogedy >> because you're here now, we wouldn't have known that. >> i'm here for you. >> sub service.
8:07 am
>> dot org. >> let's go to sam outside with the people again. >> good morning. so david was talking about his twitter followers. both these ladies are sending us tweets. tell me your name. >> i'm megan and i'm from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> checkededn on four square, as well. >> i'm sara from minnesota. >> now, you seemed a little like i'm sara from minnesota. you know like breaking the heat. sometimes you get nervous with the microphone. scary? >> no. >> good. >> as you look outside from chicago, here's your view, now, yesterday all that fog developed because the water is still so cold in the area and the heat is -- go ahead, run in front of the camera. that's a jogging trail. good morning america cameras set up right there. because that water was so cold and air so hot that fog developed today.
8:08 am
you're in for your hottest temperature in six years for chicago. worst feeling since yesterday. chicago, it will feel like 105 today. st. louis, it'll feel like 117. it is all the more reason to slow down and take it easy today. hazy sunshine and it will be muggy day to day with temperatures in the mid 90's and we're well into the 70's already. way to the mid 90's that may be an isolated thederstorm far west of metro area later on today. there will he kicks in tomorrow above 100 thursday, friday, and saturday. >> new york city getting a little break. lara? >> thank you, sam. here's what's coming up on your
8:09 am
"gma" morning menu. paris hilton on the pitfalls of fame. from the man accused of stalking her, the revealing interview you have to see. also, you need to see this. dr. b breaking a sweat and wearing a headband and busting some myths. is sherri shepherd his workout partner? we'll find out. >> twins in different outfits. can you tell the splurge from this deal? we'll put you to the test on "gma." [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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8:14 am
coming up, "good morning america's" sneaky teacher sponsored by target. and now to paris hilton. u.s. the interview we've been telling you about this morning. so why did she really walk out on dan harris? we'll get right to that as dan is here with more on this very candid conversation you had. >> it was very interesting. robin, good morning to you. paris hilton has said she's changed. she's grown into a woman in her words and she says she wants people to see that. we saw many different sides of hilton in this wide-ranging interview including a little bit of a touchy side. paris hilton was the first, the original celebutante practically the inventor of that thoroughly modern phenomenon being famous
8:15 am
for being famous. now, though, this particular marketplace has become rather crowded with people like hilton's former wrote have a and sometimes frenemy, kim kardashian eating up a lot of the oxygen. try bringing it up with hilton and it gets tense. do you ever worry about your moment having passed? want to wrap up? we'll show you how it resolved itself in a moment. but first let's go back to the beginning of our interview which took place at hilton's newly renovated house in los angeles. >> can we put the cat away? >> things started on a playful note with no fewer than three interruptions from one or another of her 17 house pets. when things settled down she opened up about one of the down sides. stalking. this man attacked her now
8:16 am
ex-boyfriend in april outside a courthouse where hilton was going to testify against another stalker. >> paris, who is this guy? >> oh, my god. that's another intruder who came to my house on a bike. >> reporter: to this individual repeatedly harassing you, how n unsettling is that? >> it's very unsettling because you don't know what frame of mind -- four times tried to get in contact with me and keeps getting in trouble for it but keeps coming back. >> reporter: next the conversation turned to hilton's on-screen -- >> i'm going to name her lady coco chanel. >> reporter: or between a whine or a whisper. >> reporter: here she made an unusual admission. is it true that when you're not on camera, that your voice drops and you're much more serious? >> definitely, i think. it's the character that i
8:17 am
developed for "the simple life." they wanted someone who was an airhead and had a baby voice and that's the voice i continued to do for five seasons so sometimes when i'm on camera it will revert back to it because i did it for so long. >> reporter: hiltson the head of a global business with stores in 31 countries selling everything from handbags to beauty products to perfumes and has 13 scents which according to her publicist have made more than a billion dollars. why do you work so hard. >> i want to buy whatever i want and not have to ask for permission from my parents like i've seen some of my other friends who are adults but live like children. >> reporter: but while hilton who turned 30 in february is eager to show the world she's a grown-up now, her new reality show the world according to paris on the oxygen network shows her engage the in her usual high jinks. inhabiting an ecosystem where
8:18 am
paparazzi are as prevalent as pige pigeons. >> where is my other box, lex ji. >> reporter: it has serious, searing scenes. >> you were my first baby. >> reporter: while it has revealing moment, the ratings have been dismal which has many entertainment writers asking whether her run which started at age 16 may now be over. do you worry at times that the people who followed in your footsteps kim kardashian are overshadowing you. >> no, not at all. >> there's talk about the ratings of the show being low. has that upset you? >> no. >> never a feeling of -- do you ever worry about -- do you ever worry about your moment having passed? >> do you want to wrap up? >> reporter: what followed was a long heated conversation with
8:19 am
hilton and her publicist. >> i don't want this being used. >> i've been in the business for 15 years now so it's been a very long time and just like any other business person or someone in the industry, it's always important to reinvent yourself and come up with new projects. >> reporter: that's an entire house filled with dogs. by the end she cooled down. she showed me her massive doghouse. >> inside is moldings and furniture and a chandelier and writing and air and air-conditioning and even sent me off with a hug. >> thank you. >> paris points out her reality show is one point of her empire with 17 different product lines and is still proud of it. >> empire worth $1 billion. >> just in per fumth alone which is fascinating. >> i love she gave you a hug at the end. has she talked to you about her personal life?
8:20 am
>> it's interesting. on the reality show she's dating a guy named cs. she decided to break up with him after the show and thinking the chemistry wasn't quite right. apparently reportedly directing somebody new, the director of "the hangover" movie. >> because she was watching the show. >> she got an outside perspective of their relationship and decided it wasn't working? >> all righty, then. dan, thank you. >> my pressure. >> the finale of "the world according to paris" airs tonight on oxygen. >> we tape our relationships then decide after watching back, something learning from everyone. dr. best ser here. he's knocking on the door at your gym showing up during your workout which i don't know if it's good or bad news. myth busting and people who think they're doing the best workout when in reality they
8:21 am
could do something better. >> you know you got to go to the gym. it will help keep you healthy and keep the pounds off but how do you know if you're exercising the right way. when do you stretch? how long do you need to work out? i found those in my new adventure, at your gym. ♪ let's get physical physical ♪ i want to get physical >> what good is getting physical if we know about it is all wrong. i'm a gym rat headed to reebok's sports club to sweat out the biggest exercise myths. better stretch my muscles first, right? >> did you warm up first. >> no, i'm stretching them on -- >> i've already messed up much the first myth, stretch before you work out. stretching does not prevent injury. warming up your muscles does. cool muscles are kind of like a cold rubber band. stretch them too far and they
8:22 am
could snap. >> look who it is. >> hey. >> sherri shepherd. she was stoked. helping her get in shape for her upcoming wedding. >> we started with sit-ups and, again, i'm doing it all wrong. >> i don't know -- >> what you want to avoid is bringing your elbows in front of your face. >> reporter: she brings up another myth. >> i herd lifting a lot of wealths will make you bulky. >> it's another myth. with a woman's hormones it's just not possible to get that bulk. time for some cardio but watch out for the cal ray counters. they're only estimates. >> let me show you what i mean. i'm hospital for special surgeries sports performance center on a regular exercise bike and gives me an aim they're
8:23 am
checking me out too. i exercised on two bikes. one underestimated it and one overestimated it. >> it gives you ray reasonable idea. back at the gym i'm tired. time for people to take my workout quiz. to have a good workout your muscles have to burn. >> false? >> false? >> yes. >> true. >> false. actually when you're getting that burning in your muscles it can mean you're working too hard. for it to be worthwhile you have to do it for at least 20shgs or 30 minutes. >> i would say you have to at least have 20. >> 10. >> exactly. you're right. anything is better than nothing. and now my first spin class. >> this is very easy. >> yeah, we just start.
8:24 am
120, push, push, reach it, go for it. feel that. >> she's killing me. >> take it back. >> i take it back. i have a pulse. >> that's a good sign but is this true, an exhausting workout meanings you're going to to lose weight? >> exercise and not eating properly is a big no-no. >> what you eat is more important than how you exercise. next up, off to play basketball, weight, my team doubled? my opponent is karis, jade's system scissor. uh-oh. >> clutch, baby. here comes a dunk. >> gets it back. touch that i can't believe it. oh. little showtime. oh, yes, hello. bingo, bongo. >> even though i'm 6'6" and
8:25 am
often mistaken for a basketball player i'm keeping my day job. look, robin, i scored a basket. we want to get germs at the gym so wipe it down before you work out. now that you're ready for a myth-free workout i'm ready for something else. >> this makes it all worthwhile. my biggest piece of advice for you, take an activity thaw love. if you pick something that you think is good for you but you hate it, you won't stick with your exerciser time. it's cardio followed by yoga for strength, flexibility and that mind-set. >> got the headbands with you? 13-year-old son had to watch your dad with a headband. >> my son will kill me for that. >> dr. b, that was brave for him to wear that.
8:26 am
[ cheers ] >> you didn't ache a basket there. >> i did but -- >> i had a massive height vantage but you put a ladder on the court and give me a ball, i still can be 50/50. >> one thing i think important when i'm at the gym you were asking before i went on, i always run to warm up. is that the right thing. >> you want to warm them up then stretch regardless of what you do. for me it's yoga. i find that i feel strength and build flexibility and get that mind-set there. even for that you got to do a little bit before you stretch those muscles. >> i got to get my hands on the name of that trainer. >> she was incredible. >> what do you do? >> i run and do some weights and try to balance it all but try not to get injured. we're coming back in a moment with martin sheen weighing in on the family that is deep in challenges of last year. come on back.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. could wednesday morning, i am pamela brown with your news update. let's check on traffic. things are getting better. georgia avenue is no reopened in directions north and south randolph and arcola that water main break. in arlington, things are glebe road in directions. accident an earlier car.ving a police it looks like traffic on the
8:28 am
street bridge is piling up and cannon were the northbound at pennsylvania, that road is in condition and there is report a hole in the roadway. the intense heat can issues oncause of thes in terms pavement. i don't know if that will happen days butnext couple of skyrocket.s will the district right now. it is already approaching 80 degrees. we will be in the mid 90's this afternoon and it will feel more like 105 degrees later today. isolated thunderstorms cannot be out especially for west of the metro area. the real key is tomorrow through at an above 100. special hours will be in week at the this official inspection station of the d.c.
8:29 am
for this and other stores, log at we will have another update at 8:56. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-ooree-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®.
8:30 am
is that it? are we on? you're not -- oh, it was a bucket list to be here from vermont. to show you a little picture inside. yes, they are twins and a look-alike outfit. very different price tags which one costs $1,500 and which one is under $200. >> a little switch-a-roo. >> larara you have to be excludd because you're a fashionista.
8:31 am
>> he's very good. >> it's going to be fender bender tv. that's for sure. >> fashion expert? >> we'll tell you the splurge and the steal because you want to stretch your dollars and still look fabulous. >> absolutely. >> summer vacation in full swing. the heat is on. how to sneak in a few lessons for the kids if you think they're slacking off. >> i know,s will be like wah, wah. >> but the heat, sam, is on. >> okay. >> it's really on. >> i do have something to say. don't make me do math on my vacation. that's all i'm going to say. that is not fair. don't make it happen. to the boards. our twitter pictures are in. it seems like everybody is saying head to the water to cool down. summersville, lake in west virginia, right in the heart of west virginia, a beautiful place, do your boating and fishing. that big area of high pressure slides to the eastern seaboard. that does not deliver a break to the deep south. it does in the northern plains,
8:32 am
but it brings that heat right into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. today new york city has a little bit of a break and so does philly and boston but as we get into the next couple of days that warm air does start to sear even the east coast. so warmer as we get into the day today, certainly orlando, 95. some scattered storms during the day. if there's any hope into the southeast of breaking your heat for even a moment it's those widely scattered thunderstorms. here's what we've seen, this air is so humid when these thunderstorms develop, they can be 2 to 3 inches of rain in an hour and cause rapid floodingment make sure you're paying attention. already making our way into upper 70's, on our way to the mid 90's. it gets worse on thursday, friday, saturday, at and above it will feelut >> all that weather brought to you by post great grains. now, wait a minute.
8:33 am
there's some awesome signs here, by the way, any time you put my name on your sign -- what's your name. >> jessica. >> your name? >> katie. >> let me think of a line here. coming up next on "gma," is it a bargain or is it too much? can you do something like that if i throw that to you, okay, try that. >> coming up on "gma," is it a bargain or too much? >> okay. here's the mike, just take it. just take the microphone. you've got it. you just take the microphone. i'll -- say now here's david muir. >> and now here's david muir. >> thanks so much. sam and everybody outside. turning to actor martin sheen and his comments about addiction. 's peered in washington urging congress to keep funding a program aimed at rehabilitating drug addicts instead of putting them in prison. of course, there is a very personal side to this for him and abc's claire shipman talked
8:34 am
to him. claire, good morning. >> good morning, david. who more compelling really than mrarten sheen to talk about the issue of addict, one as you know that's plagued him and continues to affect his family and he argued passionately to the senators that it makes no financial sense to cut this program that helps addicts. he's perhaps best known for playing a charismatic president, a moral leader. >> this is a time for american heroes and we reach for the stars. god bless their memory. god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. thank you. >> reporter: but martin sheen, the actor, can draw big crowds in d.c. too. >> we all rise. >> reporter: and charm senators. >> i am not a former president of the united states though i played one on tv. >> reporter: he came to washington to testify about a subject that's profoundly personal to him. funding for the treatment of addiction. >> i've been in a 12-step
8:35 am
program since 1989 and give thanks and praise for that, you know, what's encouraging bit and the way it helps me identify with fellow addicts and fellow alcoholics. >> reporter: while sheen himself has been clean and sober for two decades it's been a wrenching year watching his son often trying but unable to help. >> i am on a drug called charlie sheen. >> though he didn't mention his son's troubles in this february interview with sky news he talked about charlie's bat wil addiction. >> he is an extraordinary man, you know. if he had cancer, how would we treat him, you know? the disease of addiction is a form of cancer and you have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up so that's what we do for him. >> reporter: that's the message he brought to capitol hill. arguing passionately against funding cuts for drug courts which steer nonviolent drug
8:36 am
offenders away from jail and into treatment. >> every year it helps save over 120,000 seriously addicted people bringing them from darkness to light and setting them on a course towards fulfillment, freedom and enviable joy. >> reporter: you talked eloquently about personal experience you had had with drug courts. people you have known, friends. >> that is the most gratifying thing is to see someone to be reha bill fated and to become themselves, become free. >> reporter: his vice to families trying to deal with addiction was heart felt and perhaps also counsel he uses himself. >> never ever give up. it's not in your hands. you know, and the phrase i use to encourage people is no matter what's going on, everything is grace. >> reporter: he was reluctant to talk openly about his son, clearly wanting to give him the space to heal on his own, but you could tell, david, that his
8:37 am
son was very much on his mind. >> yeah, you can understand the privacy concerns but always so candid in every other part of his life. thanks, claire, for bringing that to us. always good to see you. when we come back on merge, splurge or steal. we love this. check out these two young women. one is a steal, one is a splurge. they both look good to me. come on back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
oh, we've been looking
8:40 am
forward to this. our fashion showdown. lori bergamotto a contributing style editor at "lucky" magazine is here to put our panel of experts, david,osh ensam. >> oh, the show goes down. >> put you to the test. can you guys tell which outfit is the splplge and which one is the steal? >> of course. >> i do feel like we're on "the dating game" all of a sudden. bachelor number one. >> a lot of times, they're identical twins that will come out here and your eyes will let us know which one is expensive and which one is not so much. >> this is a questionable set of experts. but i have full trust in some of them. >> sneaky. >> some, she says. >> we may stump them. >> the casual summer look. chantel and danielle. >> the piper twins, come on out, piper twins. >> okay, boys. >> lovely. >> get your best style eye on. >> you guys have to confer and
8:41 am
come up with a consensus. >> i think the splurge is on the left. >> surge mr. left. >> i think splurge is left. >> so -- >> there. >> okay. >> "a" plus for the boys. excellent job. so chantel is the splurge they got correctly, $1,436. >> wow. >> head to toe. she's in a rebecca taylor top that is 100% silk and has strategic beading and sequins, 295 the top, paying for the designer print and then also we gave her a j. brand denim jeans, 169. they have the designer fit that is extremely flattering. >> japanese -- >> always gets you. >> bead something now strategic. >> exactly. it's important. here we have on her twin sister
8:42 am
danielle, the steal. it's l.c. by lauren conrad. >> it is very pretty. >> it is very pretty. >> her total is $188. this is $36 compared to 295 and these jeans, robin, are $18. those are from kmart. >> you go for the fit. if you want a similar look, very important. >> all about the fit. >> we picked up on that, the shirts are similar. this one here doesn't have the strategic beading. i know sam likes that. but it does have -- it does a very similar story. >> great. thank you both very much. >> now we have the office look. and we have -- >> the doolittle twins coming out. oh, this is going to be a little more difficult. >> oh, yes. >> here are the doolittles. >> okay, boys. >> all right, boys. i think that's the splurge. >> this is the splurge. >> you think that's the steal.
8:43 am
>> i agree with josh. >> we're all agreed on that. >> oh, no. >> this could be trouble. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> guys, no. >> never go with josh. >> here we go. >> shockingly, i got it wrong. >> it's okay. we still like you. >> so, here we go. this is lindsay and she is in our splurge. this entire outfit has a total of $2,700. josh, i feel like this is where you made your fatal flaw. that's what happened. >> the fatal flaw was involving me in this. >> but if you get close up enough on the skirt -- let me point out, this is a hemline -- a midi. this is a derek lynn skirt, $1,490. >> the detail. >> the detail, thank you. >> burn-out pen and it has laser
8:44 am
c cut-outs of silk. and the blouse is $210 >> that's what tipped me off, the blouse. >> silk is 100% -- >> lasers. >> also, the shoes, michael kors, $850 made in italy. her whole look is $190.58. isn't that great? >> looks that close. a top from express. not silk and then we also have -- i'm sorry the skirt is from express. a silk polyester blend. how you can save money. look for blended fabrics. gorgeous. >> doolittles, thank you very much. thank you, ladies. >> this will be the tiebreaker, a dressy look. look at them. flirting as they walkk away. >> they think it's " "e dating game." >> oh, wow.
8:45 am
>> i'll recuse myself from the judging. i'm on board. >> these m mels are gorgeous, by the way. >> yes. >> again, you're out. you ought to make thth decision. >> what do you say -- >> i'm going to say the one on the right is the splurge. >> the other way, i'm begging you. >> got a little flustered. >> they are correct. >> great job. great job. >> josh, you're wrong. >> we have the splurge here. this is jody. this whole look is $4,675. it's a dress for 1,395 and put her in jimmy choo heels from
8:46 am
saks. gorgeous gold. adds luster. a bag for $1,190 and these are the kind of things, silk dupione. made with garnet. on her sister diane, that entire look is $350.95. the dress is 158 from macy's. the shoes are 71 from endless and we really tried to approximate a silhouette -- that is not a silk dupioni dress. a little bling in there. >> i like that. it really helps. >> only $68 as opposed to this one. >> okay. >> any idea what she just said? >> no. >> it's like mission control -- >> still on the lasers and all the worlds. >> all the ladies come out. >> that's it. >> there are more?
8:47 am
more? >> you know, and the studio audience we have paulette and pauletta and they're twins in fashion design and they were there, in fashion. so they look great. >> both wearing splurge outfits. >> that's right. sam knows how to talk to a lady. for more information head to our website. coming up next how to stop the brain drain through your kids' summer vacation. sorry, guys.
8:48 am
8:49 am
there he is, the sneaky teacher. it is time for another lesson from our sneaky teacher series. you know, studies show that kids lose as much as two months of what they've learned during the summer vacation so we have some really easy ways to trick kids into learning during summer vacation while you're doing
8:50 am
everyday errands, check it out. >> okay. ♪ >> stay-at-home mom debbie loves spending summer break with her kids, zach dory but she knows every day away from school knowledge is flying away. here to combat that sneaky teacher and editor in chief of rachel fishman fedderson. >> hi. >> hi. >> debbie, nice to meet you. >> come on in. >> thanks. >> today she's helping debbie with fun ways to sneak learning into a day of errands. >> where are we going? >> sneaky tip number one, learning from everyday tasks. >> you think we should get some bananas. >> with list in hand we're off. first stop, the book store. not only a great place to pick out a summer book but have them
8:51 am
find authors by their last name and zach's $20 gift certificate turns out to be a great math them. >> $4 and there's lee of them. how much is that. >> so that would be $12. >> yes. >> reporter: next, the smies shop. sneaky tip number two, use the store as a classroom. >> you're going to want to add a little bit more because we want it to be 2.5. >> read something not just for books, tip three. >> lemon curry. >> reporter: and finally food shopping. >> hi. >> hi, guys. >> sneaky tip number four, divide up the shopping list. >> pick out two and guess how much those are going to weigh. >> reporter: it can secretly turn into a lesson on weights and measurements. >> 150. >> 150 pounds. >> no, 1.5. >> you know what, you are very close.
8:52 am
>> sneaky tip number 5, teachers are everywhere. >> actually food has seasons. >> has a manager to tell you about the store. most would love to share their knowledge. >> this is a can't lope that was probably picked thousands of miles away. >> okay, thank you. >> bye. >> thank you. >> voila, errands are done and the kids may just be a little smarter. >> thank you for letting me come along. >> thanks for coming. >> oh, well, i'm going to take off. >> bye. >> bye. >> bye. >> all right, so for more tips on learning during the summer and that means you go to our website and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you all once again. you've been a wonderful, wonderful audience. we appreciate it. continue to follow us on twitter and also have the latest with
8:56 am
diane sawyer, "world news" whochlt is filling in for diane? >> after that fashion segment, i'll be right uptown for "world news." >> thanks for being here. >> can you do aurn in that dress. we were talking about that zipper. >> can you pan down though to her shoes? >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
good morning to you at 8:56. i am pamela brown then let's look at the road with us for wilson. off in the to wheaton/glenmont area where the break, looks like are closing the southbound lanes now. case until this evening but northbound gets by. the 14th street bridge looks like you'll see some traffic stacking up there. on 295 that looks ok. pennsylvania -- kenilworth pennsylvania avenue, the road is in poor condition. all northbound traffic is diverted beginning before chesapeake street. hazy, hot, and humid again. hazy sunshine over arlington right now. 78 degrees in the district.
8:58 am
81 in lexington park. we will climb into the mid 90's today but it will feel more 100-105 when you factor in the humidity. we cannot rule out a straight the metrorm west of area. from thursday- saturday and when you factor in humidity, it will feel about 110-115. we are not looking forward to that. five states including maryland could feel the potentialom default.t moody's investor services says thoserobably lower rating if the downgrade -- it's a downgrade the u.s. credit rating. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
8:59 am
i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmact stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk abt possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 anand talk savin, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription.


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